Second Weekend TAMUC Salesforce Hackathon

Second Weekend TAMUC Salesforce Hackathon

Over the weekend, we held our second hack-a-thon at Texas A&M-Commerce. This semester, we have been working with the Computer Science and Business Analytics departments to expose graduate students to Salesforce administration and reporting. This session, the emphasis shifted from custom fields and data elements over to data imports and exports. It was great to see young people so enthusiastic about learning and experimenting with Salesforce.

Master Data Management Concepts

Master Data Management (MDM) Serves as the authoritative source for applications and analytics Have to have a way to track all the different process Ideal – Application integration Single Version of all Entities Must be owned by each Business Unit Must have versioning...

Dimensional Modelling Concepts

Dimensional Model – Contains facts and dimensions.  The level of detail in the fact table is called the grain Types of Schemas Fact tables are joined to related dimensions, called a star schema Dimensions that relate to multiple fact tables, should be conformed...