In his mid-morning, Gilles Ramone spoke about the challenges that companies face in engaging customers online.  He started by talking about three trends that we face -mobility, social media, and consumerization.  With consumerization, Gilles argued that the balance as shifted from companies to consumers.  Instead of looking to established media, consumers will look for unbiased opinions to make informed buying decisions.


To increase revenue,

  • Share info efficiently
  • Maximize the value of transactions
  • Deliver engaging online experiences


This talk is about taking things to the next step:

Data -> Information
Process -> Context
People -> Access


All of these together = Engagement


Oracle WebCenter = Center of Engagement

  • Sites (Empower Marketing to Transform Visitors into Buyers)
  • Portal (Single Point of Access)
  • Unified Content


72% have more than 3 content management solutions

70% will use personal mobile devices to conduct work by 2018


The problem is silos with different departments.  Need to unify that content by having visibility into different silos.  Once you have that centralized, you can manage it.  Then, you can start servicing it and leveraging it.  However, it needs to be acted upon by processes to be useful.


Might be able to match a doc with a PO.  Associate the doc with the invoice.


Gives sales and service people access to content that they need.


75% of people would prefer to help themselves with online support

Cost less to provide support this way


66% of employees expect mobile support


Provide people with a customized set of tools, a dashboard.  That is, a single composite application that pulls from different data sources.  Have BI for Customers to recommend the right products or BI for CSR to provide the right answers to callers.


IT projects run the risk of being overly complex.  With the portal, we empower knowledge workers to create content.  Library of portlets and widgets.


80 / 20 rule – 80% of the work can be handled through common widget, 20% requires customization



Marketing has to develop engaging online experiences


66% of users go to brand websites

77% of customers use mobile to research products


Make the first impression, keyed off of customer info to target them by interest

Golf Vacation vs. Ski Vacation or Beach Vacation


Allow the users to share content







IT is involved in the rough draft of the site, but marketing has to flesh out the site based on analytics and the customer impact.


Can use other sources for video or media (i.e. YouTube, brightcove).